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This week in content marketing: alternative workflows

Colm Larkin

March 31, 2017

Content marketing is in iconoclast mode this week with a trio of articles tearing down standard creative processes and productivity techniques.

Multitasking madness

We’ve known for a while that multitasking isn’t as productive as was originally thought. But now scientists believe that it actually damages the brain and recommend that we break our bad habit.

This Inc. article offers some useful tips for reshaping your workflow patterns to be more focused and distraction-free. And if eliminating multitasking altogether seems impossible, try our 4 tips for mastering the madness.

Broken brainstorms

According to this Fast Company article, using brainstorms as a way of inspiring creativity doesn’t work. Instead, writers Judah Pollack and Olivia Fox Cabane offer three alternatives, including the Sleepover Method, which thankfully doesn’t involve sharing a bedroom with your team.

We like a good brainstorm, as long as idea generation remains focused on the problems at hand. Here are our tips for blue sky thinking that keeps its feet on the ground.

Collaboration chaos

As providers of a collaboration service, you’d assume we’d have little interest in promoting the idea of “collaboration overload”. Except this HBR article talks a lot of sense, especially when identifying “collaboration for collaboration’s sakes” as a sign of a deeper organizational problem.

We think that all collaboration tools intended for broad use will inevitably face the Communicator’s Dilemma, so organizations should start looking for more task-focused ways to enhance collaboration (which will also help with the multitasking problem).

That was our week in content marketing. What caught your eye recently? Share your links in the comments below.