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Now available: Two-factor authentication for added security

Hightail already offers you a number of ways to ensure your files are secure, including optional password protection, permission and expiration settings, recipient identity verification, file download prevention and notifications when someone has downloaded your files. But we’ll soon be offering another way to protect your entire account using two-factor authentication, which can be enabled from your avatar panel that appears when you click on your profile image on the top right-hand side of your screen. (This also is where you will be able to disable the option, if you prefer.)

By definition, two-factor authentication adds another layer of security to your online account by “requiring two ways of proving your identity,” according to a CNET article. Without both factors, you can’t get into your account—making it harder for anyone trying to hack into it, but also making your account less of a target because of the difficulty involved. The article describes it as similar to swiping your debit card (with the first factor being your possession of the card) and then entering a PIN (and the second factor is knowing your PIN).

For Hightail, the two factors are a unique code that you will receive through an authenticator app on your phone and the second is your username and password. Please note that setting up two-factor authentication does require that you have a mobile phone and download a free third-party authenticator app (Microsoft Authenticator for Windows Phone 7 or Google Authenticator for Android and iPhone).

Once you have set up two-factor authentication, Hightail will prompt you for the authentication code after you log in the way you normally would.


Administrators can even enable or disable two-factor authentication enterprise-wide—including having the ability to set up a date that two-factor authentication must be implemented for all users at your organization.


If that feature is used, users will see a message informing them that it is time to set it up:

Hightail users will be able to access two-factor authentication in their avatar panel sometime in mid-November 2019. It will be available for all Hightail users—including Lite, Pro, Teams and Business accounts—unless single sign-on has been enabled. (Single sign-on, common in larger organizations, means a user can access multiple applications with one set of login credentials. For information about switching to two-factor authentication, please contact your single sign-on provider.)

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