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4 secrets to social video success

Colm Larkin

April 4, 2017

Co-founder and Creative Partner of Social Motion Media, Mark Glover Masterson shares his 4 tips for bringing the benefits of social video to your brand.

80% of content marketers say that videos published on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have directly impacted their business. I see this impact every day when my company Social Motion Media (SOMO) creates videos for our clients, like how we helped kitchenware brand, Cleanblend, increase their number of Instagram followers by 450%.

Social video marketing is a powerful way for brands to build engagement with customers and prospects. And not doing it can have a downside as 1 in 4 consumers lose interest in a company if it doesn’t use video.

All brands need to get in the video game, but it’s one thing to produce a video and quite another to create one that will engage, delight and persuade your audience.

Here are 4 key factors that will help your business reap the benefits of social video.

1. Focus on engagement

Videos for social media are usually aimed at people who are in the early stages of your sales funnel or already part of your community. This means your primary goal is driving desire to become a customer or creating brand loyalty in existing customers. You’ll achieve that with fun, informative and engaging content. Conversion-style videos like instructional guides or product demos will work better on your website or YouTube channel.

2. Keep it short

The SOMO sweet spot for a video is 5-30 seconds. Online viewers typically have short attention spans so they’re unlikely to finish watching anything longer than a minute. But we also prize the re-watch factor as a fast track to brand loyalty. People are more likely to view your content repeatedly if the video is highly engaging and snackably short.
[vimeo 165223780 w=640 h=640]

Smoothie Bowl (Instagram) from Social Motion Media on Vimeo.

3. Do it often

Cleanblend’s 450% increase and recent milestone of 10,000 Instagram followers was a cumulative effect from them consistently posting new video content. When faced with a near-infinite choice of videos to watch, people will prioritize content from a brand they know delivers engaging experiences. It stacks the odds of viewing something good in their favor. The more you deliver quality content, the more loyal your followers.

4. Collaborate for success

When hitting that high velocity output, it’s tempting to keep input from managers or clients to a minimum. But a good feedback process is critical to creating great content. To keep your post-production line moving you need a review process that isn’t a time-drain for either party. Hightail lets our clients stream the video online and leave timestamped comments. It’s helped cut our turnaround times by 20%.

60% of content marketers plan to increase spend on social video over the coming 12 months. Competition is increasing but by focusing on engagement, keeping it short, publishing consistently and collaborating closely with your clients, you’ll ensure your social video marketing stands out from the crowd.

To find out more about Social Motion Media, visit, check out their Vimeo page and follow them on Instagram and Facebook. 

An amended version of this article originally appeared on AdWeek.

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