Our top 6 content marketing bylines of 2016

Colm Larkin

December 29, 2016

This blog isn’t the only outlet for Hightail’s leaders to voice their opinions. Throughout 2016 we’ve been busy writing for a variety of publications, including Entrepreneur, Social Media Today and Chief Marketer. Here are six of our favorite content marketing bylines from the year. 

1. Genius loves company

All the lauded lone geniuses of science, art and business actually relied heavily on collaboration to achieve their greatness. The best collaboration isn’t easy and needs to be worked at. Mike Trigg’s four rules for cultivating creative collaboration will help your next project be more successful.

2. Squeeze your budget

Like most marketers, you probably won’t have a bigger marketing budget in 2017 but will still be expected to deliver better results. Our VP of Marketing, Deborah Holstein, shares her three secrets to get more from what you have to invest.

3. Break the bottleneck

The proliferation of marketing automation and analytics capabilities have created a new problem — generating enough relevant content to fuel the marketing machine. Mike Trigg explains the creative crunch many marketers face and shares 5 ways to break the bottleneck.

4. Feed the beast

People talk a lot about the value of content marketing but usually neglect to mention that doing it well requires constant feeding of a relentless beast. To keep your content marketing monster satisfied without burning out your creative team, check out Deborah Holstein’s three tips.

5. Making visuals matter

Understanding the importance of imagery in content marketing doesn’t make it any easier to creating great visuals. Our five tips for producing breakthrough visual content will help.

6. Learning from creatives

When our Senior Director of Sales and Customer Success, Ron Pierson read our blog post about writing great creative briefs, he started applying the tips to his team’s sales process. Find out what he learned.

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