#WinningAtWFH: What one UI/UX designer does to keep things interesting in self-quarantine

See the lady in the image? That’s my friend Kristin, who is currently working from home in her role as lead UI/UX designer. And during a recent virtual happy hour, I realized she is also my “work-from-home hero.”

I used Hightail to highlight some of things she is doing that gives her such a distinction:

  1. Koala bears/meeting conversation piece – I won’t go into the story here, but Kristin basically collects toy koala bears. She also recently just moved into her new home. During one of her first work-from-home video calls with her boss, she only had one of them unpacked. The next time they spoke, she had unpacked another, and he asked her if they were multiplying. Now it’s become a game to see if he notices. It’s a fun way to have a little bit of entertainment during a work meeting.
  2. Great collared sweater – That’s the sweater she keeps on her office chair, so she can throw it on when she has a video call. She looks so put together while wearing mostly yoga attire, and it’s basically become her work uniform.
  3. Yoga mat for mini breaks – That corner space is the perfect size for holding a yoga mat, and she can unroll it when she needs a stretch and a break from the day.
  4. Cocktail ordering device – Just kidding, that’s just her mobile phone. But it did come in handy to send a quick text to her husband in another room, when she finished a cocktail during our virtual happy hour.
  5. I mean, look at this room – It’s so well organized, yet warm and inviting—and she uses it as her exercise room, as well as her office. I think I might want to stay in there all the time if I were Kristin. Remind me not to show you a picture of my work-from-home space.
  6. Barre/countertop – Not only is that counter handy for storing things and adding more decorative touches, but it is the perfect height for using the barre workout app she enjoys.

What you don’t see in that picture

Now more than ever is the best time to bring out your inner child and play pretend. To make mealtime feel more like a restaurant than a kitchen, Kristin writes the day’s menu on a blackboard:

Do you have any tips for #WinningAtWFH? I’d love to hear about them at

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