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This week in content marketing: let’s get visual

Colm Larkin

February 10, 2017


I wanna get visual…Apologies for allowing Olivia Newton John’s searingly pink leggings to burn a hole in your retinas, but it’s just our way of telling you that we’re looking at design and image-related themes in this week’s content marketing round-up.

Buy design

It’s a modern truism that businesses are increasingly design-led but how much of a difference does it actually make to the bottom line? Quite a lot if you solely judge things on Apple’s success but this report dug a little deeper than that.

Hitting on the idea of looking at the stock price of listed business in the days after they had won a prestigious design award, the research noticed a significant boost in value. The evidence suggests shareholders are true believers in the power of design and visuals.

Store cupboard classics

honey-bear 2Speaking of bear markets, did you ever want to know the story behind the design of this famous Ursidae-shaped honey pot? Well, now’s your chance thanks to this fun look at eight iconic packaging designs.

It’s interesting how the process behind many of them is that classic combination of inspiration and collaboration. After all, genius loves company.


Looking to add some design magic to your brand? Start with the visuals using this excellent guide to selecting the best images for your content marketing.

It includes great tips on the types of images you should look for, resources for finding the right one and how to make your choices searchable. Good creative is an essential part of content marketing so…you guessed it…let’s get visual.

That was our week in content marketing. What caught your eye recently? Share your links in the comments below.