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Visual resonance: 4 ways to make the most of your social graphics

Skyler Crabill

September 22, 2016

It’s a well-established fact that images power greater social engagement. For example, posts with photos receive 53% more likes on Facebook than those without. But if everyone is using the power of visuals on social media, how do you stand out? We asked Skyler Crabill, Digital Strategist at marketing agency, Epicosity, for his tips on making the most of your social graphics. 

What’s that old saying? A picture is worth…something. Well, whatever the case, your visual representation on social media is critically important. Making the best first impression involves ensuring your visual content is grabby, intriguing and spurs positive actions such as likes, follows, favorites and shares.

Try these tactics next time you’re tasked with creating social graphics.

Choose wisely
Right off the bat — you need an appropriate graphic. These might be curated from your existing photo library or resonant stock images or even completely from scratch, depending on your abilities and resources. Just remember – people are able to decipher imagery more quickly than text, so your graphic choice is crucial.

epicosity social images tips

Text minimally
Word to the wise – “less is more” is a good rule when it comes to overlaying text on your graphics. Simplicity is paramount (and don’t mess with goofy fonts that are difficult to read). Keep in mind, if you’re boosting your posts on Facebook, though the rule that rejected images with more than 20% text is being phased out, the company still favors graphics with minimal text. So if you want to optimize the distribution and costs of your boosted post, keep the word count low.

epicosity social images tips

Size universally
You’ve heard it before and it applies here too – mobile-friendliness is the only way to go. Keep your view counts high by staying in the good graces of mobile users. This is where the bulk of your traffic will come from, so optimize your graphics in vertically or square formats.

epicosity social images tips

Do differently
Last, but not least, be unique. Showcasing a unique graphical vibe shows off your skills, maintains interest for your audience and encourages sharing. If your design resources are limited or exhausted, try out a service like Canva that makes creating simple graphics a breeze. It’s no replacement for the personal, one-to-one care a professional designer can offer your brand on social media. But it’s a great back-up in case of a graphics drought.

epicosity social images tips

What are your tips for making the most of your social graphics? Let me know if the comments below.

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