The upside to marketing collaboration

The marketing world is always shifting, changing and growing. To survive in today’s ever changing business world, you’ve got to be centered on your customers and creating a strong digital presence. Your ability to integrate technology and understand data, while creating a personalized customer experience is critical to the success of your business.

marketing collaboration

In order for your business to realize its full potential, you’ll need a well developed marketing collaboration solution. Collaboration is essential to communication within your business, communicating with your clients, closing sales, customer service, expanding marketing and more. Here are a few key ways your team can benefit from marketing collaboration.

Easy Communication

Communicating within your business is essential. It’s easy for tasks, assignments, opinions, and feedback to be lost in chains of emails. Content collaboration helps eliminate this miscommunication by creating a real-time platform for employees, clients, and co-workers to discuss current projects, new ideas and other business essentials.

Collaboration platforms allow for instant access to messages and work projects at any time and from almost any device. With a good messaging system, collaboration platforms are able bring you messages from work no matter where you are.

Communicating with your team should be easy. Collaboration platforms reduce time lost between emails, facilitate between meeting communications and store all of your communications in a set channel.

Keep the Feedback Flowing

Waiting for email feedback from each member of your team really slows down workplace productivity if they need to take several actions in separate authoring, file sharing and then project management applications. In collaboration software such as Hightail, If you send out a project and request feedback from each member of your team, you can collect reviews  from multiple team members in real-time. This really speeds up the review process, and allows for faster project turnaround time.

Connect your team, regardless of distance

With more and more companies are promoting a flexible work environment, in office communications are hard to come by. Collaboration platforms allow for instant communication, with no need to stop by someone’s desk, or wait for them to check their office phone. Effective collaboration platforms operate on instant screen and file sharing, video conferencing, instant messaging and more. This allows you to host interactive meetings and presentations from anywhere in the world, creating a more productive conversation and forward direction for your business.

Most jobs require collaboration and connection between offices in different states or countries. Collaboration platforms provide an easy way to develop and maintain a personal, face-to-face relationship that is essential in building a successful business. It allows you to have personal interactions with your co-workers, employees and clients, no matter where you are.

If you need to connect your team via long-distance, collaboration platforms are ready to meet your communication needs via mobile or computer apps. Every update and project communication is available at your fingertips, and help to keep your projects moving forward at a fast and efficient pace.

Save Time and Money

Everyone wants to know how they can get more out of their budget. Using collaboration platforms is a great way to save time and money. Collaboration platforms allow you to contact clients, potential customers and employees without the limits of only being used within your internal organization. It also allows you to avoid paying expensive hotel and airline fees for in-person client meetings.

Build a Bigger and Better Team

Collaboration platforms create a unique opportunity for you to extend the reach of your team across the whole world. Working with clients, creative agencies and other partners is so much easier when done through a collaboration platform. Because you have the ability to communicate instantly with anyone, anywhere, you’re able to create long-term partnerships with the best agencies and vendors from across the world. Virtual meetings and instant messaging expand your opportunity to work with others and stay in contact and make progress on big projects.

Unlock Productivity

Collaboration platforms bring all conversations into the same space, so your whole team is always on the same page. Since you’re always on the same page, you’ll be able to accomplish so much more both individually and as a team. This saves time, money and boosts team morale.

Faster communication, streamlined conversations and instant feedback on content all work better with marketing collaboration platforms. At Hightail, we’ve designed our collaboration features to serve the unique needs of creative and marketing teams that allow for better, faster creative projects. Check out Hightail to see how we can help your company improve conversation through collaboration.

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