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Two new add-on features for Pro accounts: Uplink for receiving files and customized branding

If you have a Hightail Pro account or are considering upgrading to one, our two new Pro add-on features can enhance how you send and receive files in a way that previously was only available to Hightail’s Teams and Business subscription tiers. Hightail’s Uplink and Personal Branding can each now be added to a Pro account for only $4 per month (with discounts for paying annually). Each of these highly sought after features can be added to your Pro account by clicking on these Uplink and/or Personal Branding links or through the panel that can be accessed by clicking on your avatar in the upper right-hand corner while using Hightail.

Uplink provides an easier way to receive files

Uplink is considered a very important feature for many Hightail users who need to receive files from clients, partners or teammates, including OPERA America. With our unique Uplink feature, users are able to create a personalized URL that they can share with anyone they would like to receive files from.

Uplink setup

Anyone you share that link with, whether they have a Hightail account or not, can then upload files (up to 25GB for Pro accounts, 50GB for a Teams account and 500GB for Business) directly to you either by directly dragging and dropping the files into the Hightail web application or by uploading from their computer. Some users even include their Uplink address in their email signature or on their website so clients have easy access.


Sharing files with Uplink


Customize your branding within Hightail

The other capability we recently introduced is personal branding for the important content that you share with others. The branding feature is a great way to keep your brand front and center when clients, partners and others interact with your content.


Personalized Branding


Once you’ve added on the Branding feature, you will immediately have direct access to update your logo and email footer.



Branding 4

By adding personal branding to your account, everything you share with outside users will be easily recognizable as coming from you, reinforcing your brand and the work that you do.

Ready to add either or both of these new features to your Hightail Pro account? Click on these Uplink and/or Personal Branding links to add them today.

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