How to Hightail

Side-by-side for creative reviews

There can be many holdups when it comes to reviewing visual content once you’re on round 2+ of a creative review. You might need to reference back to your communications and feedback threads to find out what’s actually changed. Or, perhaps you just simply flip back and forth between opened files in different windows trying to compare the images to find out what’s new—which may make you feel like you’re playing the game Where’s Waldo? While either one of these approaches will get you to the next round, we’ve just revealed a faster way to compare images and versions in Hightail.

With Hightail’s side-by-side image comparison feature, you can preview files and annotations of up to two images in the same screen. Here’s how it works:

To compare two versions of an image file that have been uploaded to Hightail, click on the Version # in orange when you are previewing the file. This will open up the visual version carousel, where you’ll see a new “Compare Versions” button.When you click on this button, you’ll have the option to select the two image files you’d like to compare.Similarly, if you have two files that are not saved as versions, you can compare those as well. Simply select the files you’d like to compare, which will activate the Hightail Blue Bar State. Here, you’ll have the option to click “Compare” to preview the files in the same screen.Voilà! Both files will preview in the same screen, where you can compare the comments and images side-by-side. No matter how small the change, you’ll no longer need to waste time flip-flopping between tabs, screens and windows. You can see and compare all changes in one view.

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