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Seven steps to happiness: how ad agencies are more productive with file sharing


June 17, 2015

“Advertising is based on one thing: happiness”
Don Draper, Mad Men

Advertising tools Every day, ad agencies across the world attempt to deliver happiness to their clients. But the modern world is much more complicated than in the days of Sterling Cooper and 21st century clients have ever-changing and multi-faceted needs.

Coming up with a great idea and transforming it into a successful campaign requires true creative collaboration amongst internal teams, partners and clients, often separated by geography, time zones and firewalls. Though there are oodles of digital tools at our disposal, they don’t always make things simpler or more secure.

That’s why, when it comes to exchanging ideas effectively while keeping information safe, many agencies rely on business-grade cloud file sharing services. Here are just seven things that file sharing has helped top ad firms to do:

1. Throw out FTP
Kelly Brady, a leading agency in the higher education space, used to share campaign files like TV commercials and print mailer designs with clients via FTP. Frequently timing out and lacking the ability to confirm delivery, the company’s FTP service was so unreliable and complex that employees required regular support from IT. Even worse, clients often needed training in order to receive these files. Switching to the cloud made sharing large files easy and reliable for employees, while clients simply had to click a link to access the content.

2. Brainstorm around the world
When you’re a large global ad firms, teams often need to work together closely despite being dispersed around the world. Many ad firms use cloud-based folders as a place for teams to brainstorm ideas, share mockups and deliver new drafts, wherever they are. Access to a shared folder can be controlled for each participant, with “edit”, “view only” and “edit, but not delete” permissions, while version control ensures the complete history of changes to any file is immediately accessible.

Awasu Design logo3. Handle confidential material
After Awasu Design signed a contract with a major national bank, the agency immediately started looking for a more professional alternative to their usual consumer-grade file sharing provider. Because leaks of confidential information can damage customer relationships and potentially lead to lawsuits, it is crucial that only intended recipients can access shared digital files. Awasu turned to a business-grade provider because it had sharing controls that allowed them to password protect files, set expiration dates and confirm a recipient’s identity when sharing files.

4. Work anytime, anywhere
Executives at global agency CHI & Partners are always on the road, meeting with current and potential clients and partners. File sharing mobile apps allow them to access the latest versions of their presentations on any device, give feedback and updates to their teams, all while keeping ideas and information secure.

5. Make email better
Creating winning campaigns requires great communication and email remains the main way that ad agencies communicate and collaborate. But email does have limitations, especially around attachment sizes, which force users to switch applications in order to share high res designs, photography and videos. Users at CHI & Partners love that their file sharing service allows them to share massive files right from Microsoft Outlook. It complements the way they already work and helps them stay focused on their clients’ need.

6. Help clients send files to them
Every day, a successful media placement agency receives new billboard ad designs from clients and, occasionally, the contracted designers working on their behalf. To ensure this process is consistently easy and reliable for all parties, they send people to a page on their website that links to the company’s file sharing service and lets clients upload large files easily and securely. An added benefit is that it helps the agency track when files were received for billing and auditing purposes.

folder_files7. Store everything
When a London-based agency took on a major rebranding project for a popular tech service, they sent four people around the world to meet users and experience the service for themselves. With each person carrying a video camera, they ended up with hundreds of hours of footage. Cloud file sharing gave them the ability to store these files in shared folders so the whole team could access, share and edit the files.

With unlimited storage and the ability to share individual files as large as 500GB, file sharing gives agencies the freedom to evolve ideas, create successful campaigns and deliver happiness to clients and their customers.

Get in touch to learn how file sharing with Hightail can help your agency deliver happiness more effectively.

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