How to Hightail

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Whether you’re a project manager at a creative agency servicing many clients with multi-media formats, or a mean and lean three-person stop-motion production shop, everyone needs a way to keep creative, teams and clients organized. We have customers developing hundreds of assets in flight at any moment with tight deadlines and all of those creative files add up over a short amount of time. Our solution: a new feature called Projects, which offers a place for team members who need an easy way to share out Spaces and managers who need to make sure work – whether approved or in progress – is accessible. As your Project expands, team members can add Spaces to the Project so that everyone continues to have access, without needing to send Spaces invitations each and everytime.

Here are four things to know about Projects:

1. You can add/remove multiple Spaces to/from a Project

2. If a Space is archived, it will no longer be visible in the Project

3. You can have the same Space live in multiple Projects, and updated versions, comments and approvals will be reflected no matter what Project it is added to.

4. All team members will have access to the Spaces in the Project they are a member of, however individual permissions exist at the Space level

Have a team member who isn’t being a team player and forgets to add a Space to the project? You can request that a Space be added, and it will show up in their to-do list that they should add the Space to the Project. With Hightail, teams work through creative reviews in Spaces, and now Projects help teams organize work further. If this concept is still a bit abstract, let me offer a reference point. I like to think of a Project as a shared drive (H://, Y://, etc. ); everyone on your team would have access to a shared drive. Within that drive you have visual folders (which we call Spaces) which anyone who has access can add/remove folders, and within that folder you have files (which we call Versions). It’s an enhanced way of organizing work, but centered around collaboration for creative teams who work within visual assets such as images, video, Adobe files and more.

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