Learn how to create brand systems with Skillshare

Hightail Skillshare class with True Hand Society

How does a great logo or brand system come to be?

That’s a question we decided to explore with the help of two fantastic Philadelphia-based designers for a new Skillshare class.

Skillshare is an online educational resource that is helping more than one million people learn new creative skills from designing typefaces to photography and animation. Our class provides a high level walkthrough of what goes into creating a logo that communicates your brand and how to think about its use across various applications and channels.

We took a film crew to the city of brotherly love where we met Mike Ski and Jessie Jay, founders of True Hand, which uniquely combines traditional graphic design services with a tattoo studio. In the resulting seven-part series of short videos, Mike and Jessie offer advice and tips for creating brand systems, from developing a narrative to creating and combining assets.

Watch the trailer to find out more or get started with the free Creating Brand Systems class over at Skillshare.

You can also get involved with the class project to create your own logo and get feedback from your fellow students.

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