How to Hightail

Just one more thing…

Approved! approved. Yes. Sure. Go ahead. Gone are the days of needing a handwritten signature on a creative proof. With a hodgepodge of links, half used project management tools and email being the primary method of moving through the creative process, a formal line of approval can be tricky to keep on file for auditing purposes. Until now. With Hightail’s collaboration plans, teams can route approvals and clearly see which assets have the green light, or which need a bit more work.

On the creative’s end:  When you think a file is good to go, simply click the request approval button. You can then select who will need to approve, in which order (if an order needs to be specified) and by which date. Side benefit: no more nagging for approval over email. We’ll do that for you by sending gentle reminders.

Needs work button in Hightail

On the reviewer’s end: You’ll get an email notification letting you know that the latest round of creative is ready for approval! Once you review, you’ll have the option to either approve the work, or let the creative team know that the file Needs work. Side benefit: Don’t worry about sugar-coating your response, just be specific about what needs to change to keep the project on track.

In your to-do list: You’ll see the history of the file’s approval process is recorded under the Space level to-dos, where anyone in the space can see who requested approval and who has approved or said that file needs work. Could a digital stamp of approval get any clearer? With Hightail’s approval chains reviewers can get to the point, creatives can stay on the ball and managers are clear on how when creative is approved or not and who needs to do what to move the ball forward.

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