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File sharing the Express way

According to the 2020 In-House Creative Industry Report from Cella, a creative staffing and consulting agency, 77 percent of creative teams said that file size is the biggest challenge that they have when trying to share files between locations.

That’s a large percentage of people getting interrupted in their day-to-day workflow just attempting to send a file.

And with 46 percent of creative teams still relying on email to share those files, it’s time to turn to an easier, faster way to transfer content – without being blocked from sending because your file attachments are too large. Cloud-based file sharing services like Hightail allow you to upload and send your files to anyone that has an email address. And because employees are no longer chained to their desks, it’s important to be able to access your content across devices. With Hightail, you can send, store and receive files on your web browser, mobile devices through iOS and Android apps, and directly from your desktop with the Hightail Express app – which we’ll do a deeper dive on in this article.

Fast file sharing with Hightail Express

Quick and easy access to services that are used daily is expected by consumers. Throughout the years, Hightail has recognized this need, formerly supporting multiple desktop applications for everyday file sync and sharing. (In fact, in 2014 we had a partnership with Lenovo where a version of our desktop sync application was pre-installed on Lenovo devices.) One popular desktop application, which we launched several years ago and is still supported today, is the Hightail Express app, which makes it easy to send files you might be working on and saving directly to your computer, without the extra steps of opening up your browser and logging in. Every Hightail subscriber (even those with free Lite accounts) can enjoy access to the Hightail Express app, which lets you share files and folders straight from your desktop.

Opening up the easy-to-use, streamlined application immediately allows you to send files, view your activity and see which of your files have been transferred and downloaded—with access to all the same file sharing features as your account level supports on the online version. Simply open the app and you’re ready to type in your recipient’s name, a subject and a message and start attaching files.

Hightail Express sending files

You can even use all of the same security features that come with your Hightail account —such as setting expiration dates or access codes, confirming your recipient’s identity and getting notified when they’ve downloaded your file—right from the app.

Express also gives you the option to Zip your file before sending if you prefer.

Once you hit “send,” your recipient will receive an email to access the file—and you’ll receive one that your file has been delivered:

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