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Early Black Friday treat: Save big on a Hightail Teams or Business account

Are you ready for creative collaboration that’s easy as apple pie?

Earlier this year, we offered the ability to purchase Hightail Teams and Business plans directly online. Now, we’ve taken it a step further for Black Friday—with the ability to purchase our two most fully featured plans at a 40% discount!

With a Hightail Teams plan, you’ll have the ability to send files that are up to 50GB in size to unlimited recipients. You can ensure your files stay extra secure with your ability to include password protection, file expiration settings, delivery notifications and send tracking. And you’ll even have unlimited storage space to keep those files in.

You’ll also get a personalized Uplink to make receiving large files just as easy as sending them with Hightail is.  It’s also simple and intuitive for whoever you’re sharing files with too. They don’t need a Hightail account to send or receive files from your account, and they can save time by previewing files such as images, photos, videos, PDFs, presentations, audio files and more—without even having to download them.

In addition to the file sharing and storage capabilities, a Teams plan includes more features for creative collaboration. Multiple reviewers can comment on assets in a real-time conversation and Hightail’s version control feature means that everyone is working on the same version.

You can also assign “to dos” and manage tasks with Hightail, assigning due dates and reminders to keep your project moving forward. When you’re ready to start the approval process, you can request approvals in a specific order and by a specific due date.

Have three or more people you wish to collaborate with? You might prefer a Hightail Business plan. In addition to having all of the capabilities mentioned above, Hightail Business plans allow you to send files that are up to 500GB in size, and you get access to enterprise-grade security, dedicated customer support and Adobe and Outlook plugins.

Don’t miss out on the chance to take advantage of our Black Friday promotion. 40% off goes a long way toward better creative collaboration. (For example, it can bring our Teams plan to just under $15 a month—comparable in price with a Hightail Pro plan.)

Sign up using these special Black Friday sale links for 40% off your Hightail Business plan or Hightail Teams plan today.

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