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Don’t let them see you sweat: a clean way to present your work

A great idea always requires time and effort to become a great reality. Even the most brilliant flash of inspiration needs days of production, feedback, new versions and approval before it becomes a fully-formed piece of creative content.


You don’t want your client to see all those discussions, debates and drafts


But when it’s time to present that content to your client or internal stakeholder, you don’t want them to see all the discussion, debate and drafts. All they need is the final version and some brief context on how you got there.

Make a clean copy

When you’ve been collaborating on your creative project in Hightail, it’s easy to create a clean, presentation-worthy copy of your work. When you’re in a Space, select Make a clean copy from the Options menu and we’ll create a new Space that just shows the latest versions of all the files and strips away all those comments, follow-ups, @mentions, new versions and internal approvals that you and your team built up as you collaborated.Now you can simply send that link to your client and begin a fresh round of review and approval. You can also provide some background details for each file by adding a general comment to a file – no need to highlight a specific part of your image or video.

To ensure you’re easily keeping track of the multiple Spaces, create a Collection for your project so you can see both your internal work and client version in one place.

When it’s next time to share the results of your hard work with your client, use Make a clean copy to ensure they don’t see all your creative sweat, just the cool results.
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