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Creative collaboration is going Spaces

Today, I’m excited to announce the general release of Spaces, our new creative collaborative platform. Having launched a beta version of Spaces earlier in the year, we’re now ready to open it up to the wider world of creative professionals, from design firms and ad agencies to marketing departments and filmmakers.

Watch this short video to see how Hightail is changing the way people collaborate:

Keep your ideas moving – Hightail from Hightail on Vimeo.

In the very near future, the inefficient system of collecting feedback by sharing files back and forth, whether by email or via the cloud, will be as outdated a concept as sending a fax. Unfortunately, most cloud storage companies are focused on selling faster or cheaper fax machines. At Hightail, we want to fix creative collaboration, from concept to completion, by unifying the splintered feedback process. Instead of dealing with endless emails, attachments, cloud links and internal communication tools, Spaces is a single place for all the files and feedback related to your project.

If you’re like most creatives, you’re a naturally visual communicator. You want feedback in real-time and you want your team and clients to be able to point directly at a color, video clip or graphic that is either amazing or could be better. You want to capture digitally the energy and creativity that comes from sitting in a room together and brainstorming.

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With instant previews, inline commenting and visual versioning, Spaces is created for you. Our latest release adds integration with Dropbox and Slack, plus an original new feature that allows you to untangle complex email threads into a single Space with one easy step. Check out this post for more details of these new features.

Spaces is a natural next step for Hightail as it focuses on our single largest group of users: creative professionals. Years ago, we were the first to understand the power of sharing large files. Then, we were among the first to identify the need for persistent cloud access to your own files. With Spaces, Hightail is evolving the cloud beyond simple file storage and sharing and once again innovating to meet your new demands.

So when you need to do more than simply share a file, but also get feedback, gather approvals and iterate on your work, try Spaces. And if you just want to send large files, Spaces does that too, but in a much more intuitive and appealing way.

To see how Hightail can transform creative collaboration for you and your team, simply sign up for free at

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