How to Hightail

Your content, your way

We spend a lot of time talking to Hightail customers about how they use our service, what they like about it and what tweaks or features would further enhance their creative process.

Throughout these conversations, two requests were repeatedly raised and both were about giving users more control over how files appear in a Space. We’ve listened to you and are delighted to announce some great new ways to organize your content in Hightail.

List view

When you use a Space to manage an entire project, it often means having a lot of files in one place. While our existing big preview tiles provide a great visual overview of your content, sometimes you just need a scannable list.

That’s why we’ve added a fast and easy way to toggle between tile mode and list view. Simply click the icons at the top of your Space to view your content, your way. Because you asked and we list-ened.

Organizing optionsWhen you have a lot of files in a Space, you may often just want to see the content that has been approved, has had comments added or was most recently added.

Now you can do all that and more with our multiple manual organization options. Just use the dropdown menu at the top of the Space to choose how your content is arranged.

To start viewing your content, your way, simply sign in to Hightail now and try out our new features.

If you want your voice to be heard, get in touch to say you’re interested in joining our customer feedback program.

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