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Movin’ on up… Consolidate your cloud services and backup your files


June 23, 2014

Everyone has a deep personal relationship with their own digital data. Whether you are working on a Word document or an Illustrator file, watching a video or looking at photographs, these files are a significant part of your life. The advent of cloud-based storage has made accessing, updating and sharing this important data even easier.

The cloud has created a fundamental shift in how we interact with the information that dominates our personal and working lives. Yet, it also introduces a new degree of complexity as we have to learn a new way of storing and working with our files.

For individuals, it’s reasonably easy to manage content, whether you simply drag and drop a handful of files from your desktop or sync gigabytes of folder information from your computer to a cloud storage provider like Hightail. But for a business, it’s much harder when you have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of employees trying to sync millions of files or terabytes of data.

Companies have the same kind of relationship to data as individuals. The files and folders generated and maintained by employees are the lifeblood of a business. When a more effective way to store, access and manage this information like the cloud comes along, then a smart business will adopt the solution to make it more productive.

The immediate challenges facing businesses adopting cloud storage are two-fold:

  1. How do we actually get our company files “in” the cloud?
  2. How do we back up our cloud storage to ensure ongoing protection against user error and disasters?

Complicating these questions further are local bandwidth constraints, adoption curve concerns and looming deadlines. We all know it’s hard enough to get a dozen employees to read a manual, never mind trusting them to carefully migrate precious company data from point A to B.

Backing up data can be hard, too! Cloud storage providers sync data but they don’t copy it so as soon as a user deletes a file, it’s gone from every other device where it existed. Version history is available for most enterprise file sharing solutions, but if you have users accidentally overwriting the wrong file after a month the original version can be very difficult to recover.

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Though the cloud promises simplicity, the deep relationship that a business has with its information can be increasingly complicated, especially for the IT administrator charged with both securing the company’s data and helping everyone work more effectively.

Mover was founded on a simple premise: to better your relationship with data. Our new partnership with Hightail will supercharge your ability to finally migrate the rest of those unsanctioned storage accounts you’ve been ignoring. We act as a middleman between Hightail and other storage solutions to secure data, save you time and maintain your sanity.Move your cloud content from Dropbox to Hightail with

If your business is trying to switch from Dropbox, Box or Google Drive, we make it a painless process. Need to back up Hightail to a third-party like Amazon S3 or Rackspace? We’re experts at that.

Whether you’re an IT manager, CIO or simply a business user, Mover will improve the way you adopt and utilize cloud storage.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how you can move your cloud content to Hightail.