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Best ways to be productive on mobile


August 13, 2014

Hightailphone(Pretty)We can all think of at least 3-4 moments a day where there are short bursts of time when we aren’t doing anything. Perhaps it’s when you are waiting the 6 minutes it takes for the barista to make your fancy latte, or when you’re waiting in the grocery line for the guy in front of you who brought 40 items into the 15 items or less line, or perhaps for you fitness buffs, while you’re on the elliptical machine or stationary bike. With that said, in order for us to be the most productive during our downtime we must have the proper mobile apps.

The right mobile apps are the key to mobile efficiency. They help you optimize workflow, organize data, remind you of tasks and those that are intuitive and user friendly are among the ones that will make being efficient on your mobile device, that much easier. We did some research and found a few apps one should consider instrumental while on the go.

A few of our favorite apps:

Evernote – A quick and easy way to take notes and set tasks for yourself across all devices. This is perfect for that moment when you’re in bed thinking about the next day’s to-do’s and you remember an email that needs to be sent out. Just log a task in Evernote on your phone and it will sync up with your desktop to remind you when you get into the office the next morning. Or how about that recipe for homemade cookies your friend has been raving about, jot it down in Evernote and have it readily available for when it’s time to get cookin’.

Garmin Fit – There are many fitness apps out there, but Garmin Fit is the perfect mix of fitness and music with a dash of GPS. It is a great way to track your fitness activities and get one step closer to your fitness goal, all while uploading a great soundtrack to go along. You no longer have to think about how many miles you’ve run, how many calories you’ve burned or even how far you are from home. Garmin Fit takes the guesswork out of fitness.

Hightail – Not to toot our own horn, but… Have you ever been out of the office and have your boss or client email you asking for a specific file? With a cloud storage and file sharing solution like Hightail you never have to worry about how you are going to access your files. With Hightail mobile apps you can access your cloud content right from your smartphone or tablet. You now have the freedom of accessing your important files and information on the fly, without having to run back to the office.

Timely – The time tracking app to end all time tracking. Schedule and log activities simultaneously. It’s a great work app, but easy enough to use for your personal life too. Let’s be honest, having to create a time sheet is cumbersome and frankly, boring. With Timely just move your existing schedule over and you’ll be logging hours simultaneously. You are even able to log next week’s hours as estimates, therefore having the ability to record hours in just seconds.

CloudOn – This app allows you to create and work on Word, Excel and PowerPoint docs, notes and to-do lists while on the go. That game changing PowerPoint presentation you and your partner have been working on doesn’t have to be put on hold because they’re on a trip to Tahiti. Project collaboration and communication while on the fly has never been simpler.

Using your time wisely and utilizing productivity apps like these will give you the tools to be more productive while still having the freedom of mobility.