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Assign tasks in Spaces

Assign follows up feature in Hightail Spaces

We’ve just released a great new way to set tasks and enhance your creative process using our collaboration feature, Spaces.

Up until now there were a couple of ways to get someone’s attention when you left feedback on a file: you could @ mention the person or tag your comment with NEEDS FOLLOW-UP.

Now we’ve combined these features so you can assign follow-ups to a specific individual using the @ symbol. Once you set the task, we’ll email that person to let them know about it and will continue to flag the task as outstanding until it’s been resolved.

The best part about this new feature is that the person you tag will know exactly what’s expected from them because your request references the relevant part of the design, photo, video or PDF being discussed. This crucial context will help your team resolve tasks faster and more effectively than before.

To try our new Assign follow-ups feature, simply sign in to your Hightail account. If you’re new to Hightail, get your free account now.

Be sure and tell us what you think. Leave a comment below, tweet us @HightailHQ or send your feedback directly to me and the product team by clicking here.

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