The agency game: Five reasons to consider an agency

Hightail for Business illustration by Luke Bott

Working with a creative agency is like being in a romantic relationship. At its best it is fulfilling, fun and leads to growth, both for your business and the agency.

But all relationships need work and sometimes a little guidance, so we’re here to help. Our four-part series of agency advice columns will guide you through the process of choosing an agency, tips on making the relationship work and, should things fall apart, show you when and how to break up.

But let’s start with why. Maybe you think your business is doing fine on its own, perhaps you’re simply shy or did you once have your heart broken by another agency?

If the right agency for your business is out there waiting to fulfill your brief, you won’t find out by binge-watching box sets on your own. Here are five reasons why you should consider getting back in the agency game.

1. Get a fresh perspective
Just because you’re the expert on your product or service, doesn’t mean you’re the right person to promote it to your target audience. Agencies are great at looking at the problem you’re solving from a new angle and understanding how to tell the story to an audience that, like them, is one step removed from your business.

2. Unlock creativity
How many people are on your creative team? Most agencies will have in-house copywriters, designers, developers, creative directors and more, plus a network of freelancers they can call on if needed. Even if you have a talented in-house creative team, an agency can bring its recipe for success with a specific media type or industry to help your team cook up great new ideas.

Password protection illustration by Luke Bott3. Talk to the experts
Not only do agencies have creativity on tap, they can also call on the best researchers, media buyers, strategists, whoever can help you tell your company’s story most effectively. You could find these people yourself but agencies have already done that time-consuming vetting process for you. That’s why they’re called agencies – they act as agents for you.

4. Analyze this (and that)
Creating ads, videos and other assets is fun but the most critical part of any campaign is the less glamorous post-launch analysis. That’s the only way to understand if you spent your money wisely. Agencies use the latest industry best practices and have access to a range of analytical tools to measure everything from your return on investment to social media engagement.

5. Have flexibility
If you’re trying out new marketing programs or exploring untapped territories, you can never be sure if your efforts will succeed. Instead of building an in-house creative team on such uncertain foundations, an agency can give you the flexibility to experiment without a long-term commitment. If all goes well, you can develop the relationship or start hiring your own team.

If these five reasons have convinced you that you’re now ready to find the agency of your dreams, watch out for our next advice column where we’ll show you how to choose the right agency for your business.

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