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Three ways to create killer campaigns using Hightail


August 26, 2014

CHI & partners a Hightail cutomerGlobal marketing and communications agency CHI & Partners helps brands like Best Buy, Lexus, British Gas and Samsung reach new audiences with killer, award-winning campaigns. Creating successful campaigns means ensuring the firm’s dispersed teams can work together effectively and keep their creative juices flowing, without facing file size frustrations, needing to change how they work or being stuck at their desks. Here are three ways Hightail helps CHI & Partners overcome these obstacles:

1. Making creative connections easy

Every month, CHI & Partners’ 200-strong team of creative directors, graphic designers, producers and more sharesup to 4,000 files, including high-resolution graphics and high-definition videos, with clients and colleagues. Hightail makes sharing files as large as 500GB simple and secure. Clients can access and review these files easily without needing to sign up for Hightail, keeping projects moving and ideas flowing.

2. Getting more done from your mailbox

People in every department, from IT and HR to Sales and Marketing, spend much of their day in Outlook, reading and responding to emails. Hightail for Outlook brings their Hightail folders right into their inboxes, making it easier to access and share important files. Plus it makes attachment size limits a thing of the past, as any file over 10MB is automatically sent via Hightail without the user needing to leave theirmailbox. As CHI & Partners say: “It just does what it needs to do.”

3. Accessing important information on the go

CHI & Partners’ executive team is on the road a lot, traveling to meet potential new clients and other partners. Over the past few years, iPads are increasingly the device of choice for presenting pitches and proposals. Hightail for iOS gives execs the ability to access the latest version of a presentation, so they always have the most up-to-date document to present to clients.

Want to learn more about how CHI & Partners uses Hightail to get work done? Read the case study. If your agency needs to simplify and streamline your creative workflow both inside and out of the office, visit our website to learn more about the benefits of Hightail for Enterprise.