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How investing in collaboration paid off for DG Analytics

Colm Larkin

December 14, 2016

dga-logo_lydian-blueDG Analytics is a back-office marketing service for small investment firms. We spoke with founder Darien Gould about her niche service offering and how Hightail helped cut the time she was spending on creative reviews. 

DG Analytics offers marketing services to small investment managers

My clients typically do not have internal staff for back-office marketing functions like data analysis, management and data input into proprietary database systems. That’s where I help. I had been doing the same thing for a company, which closed its doors unexpectedly, so I started my own business and took on the clients who were left in the lurch. That was more than 11 years ago.

ddg-business-picI don’t have to be all things to all people

DG Analytics serves a very particular need for a niche market. These clients are small firms who don’t want to be lost in the shuffle of outsourcing to larger firms and appreciate my ability to customize what I do for their specific needs. The industry is constantly changing and the services I offer have evolved over time. For example, I now partner with a graphic artist to provide design and graphics services for marketing materials.

Small investment managers usually don’t want to blaze new trails

The marketing needs of investment managers are largely determined by industry standards. My clients will typically have existing marketing materials, like brochures and handouts, that we modify, update and freshen up. Most are not that interested in significant changes to this material, no matter how poorly it may perform, which can be frustrating.

I used to spend a lot of time on creative reviews

When the graphics consultant had prepared a new design for me to review, I would pass on my feedback in a list by email. But this process was problematic because he would occasionally miss small edits, so I had to waste time verifying that all the requested changes had been made. This is where Hightail has helped.

Hightail has made working on marketing materials 30% more efficient

I post raw analytics and data sources to a Space where my graphic artist can access the info, update marketing materials and post those materials for me to review. It’s easy for me to add my comments to the document and he can review my suggested changes page by page, eliminating the problem of missed edits.

I had never used a collaboration app with working spaces before

The main benefits of Hightail are the ability to access files from anywhere, for multiple people to be able to work in the same Space and the list that appears on each document of suggested edits. Hightail makes me feel more efficient and tech-savvy. I often find myself thinking of new ways that we can use it.

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