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Fexy Studios has the right recipe for video reviews

Hightail is built for sharing and collaboration on all file formats. But, sometimes our biggest fans are those who are regularly producing video. Two of those fans are VP & Executive Producer at Fexy Studios, Michael Ketchum, and Media Production Director, Peter Isaza.

At Fexy Studios, Michael and his team are responsible for producing video content and distribution for Fexy Media’s numerous channels such as, Relish and Serious Eats, as well as Fexy’s clients, which range from CPG brands like Red Bull to non-profits like the American Heart Association or even travel accounts such as Visit Florida. The content they produce also has a wide breadth; at any given time they could be working on 20+ minute episodic videos or 2-3 minute short form content, distributed both online and to connected devices.

Michael jumped right in

Prior to Fexy, Michael had spent seven years at, where his team worked with another video review and approval service. When Michael joined Fexy Studios, he was challenged with producing 60 videos in two months.

He started his search, familiar with the features he needed, but also knowing what he would be looking for in his next video collaboration software choice. Michael told us “The first thing I did (before jumping into production) was find a way to build and deliver videos for my team to review. Version control was a really important feature to my team and our workflow. Hightail was the solution I was looking for.”

Collaboration in Hightail speeds up review cycles

From the equipment needed to the expertise required, video production isn’t easy. Where things get even more complex for video is with creative reviews.

“Our previous process included emailing links to files and capturing feedback in email – like at minute 1:01-1:07 change this. It was not elegant.” – Michael Ketchum, VP & Executive Producer

So, what does creative collaboration look like today for Fexy Studios?

A typical video review cycle starts with the internal team, uploading files, collecting precise, time-coded feedback and then adding new versions with updated changes to get creative ready for client review, all within Hightail. The latest file is then delivered to the clients, or in some cases their agencies, through Hightail and a new creative review cycle begins.

By far the Fexy team’s favorite feature is the ability to easily (and intuitively) capture timestamped feedback on the video stream.

“Video reviews with Hightail are faster and more accurate. There is better communication with the agencies and the clients.” – Peter Isaza, Media Production Director

Michael noted “The scope of projects typically allow for two rounds of revisions with the agency/advertiser – but, let’s be real. That’s just not how things go.” With Hightail, the team has been able to get closer to that goal, reducing the number of rounds from 7+ to 3-4, saving the equivalent of 4-6 hours per week.


“Hightail is an awesome video delivery and collaboration tool. It makes it very easy to work with customers, solicit their feedback and execute upon their feedback to deliver incredible results.” -Michael Ketchum, VP & Executive Producer/Fexy Studios

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