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Customer Spotlight: Wealth Engineers

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 12.36.58 PMJonathan K. Duong, CFA, CFP® is the president of Wealth Engineers, an investment management and financial planning firm. He founded the company to provide an alternative experience to that of a typical financial advisor.  Wealth Engineers specializes in working with busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and athletes. Jonathan works to help them navigate through unique financial challenges and help them build a more confident path to achieving their financial goals.

What is your company philosophy?

I founded Wealth Engineers on three basic principles:

  1. Clients deserve advice that puts their interests first at all times.
  2. Clients take 100% of the risk. Therefore, they deserve the greatest share of the returns.
  3. Research, evidence and data should form the foundation of all recommendations.

I work very hard to uphold these principles every day, with every client.

What led you to Hightail?

Almost by default, the standard method for sending files in the professional services world is by email attachment. It doesn’t matter whether the document is confidential or publicly available, most people simply ignore the security concerns associated with email.  All too often, I see email attachments get accidentally forwarded to the wrong person.

When I started my own firm, I needed a solution that was simple, but also secure.  That led me to Hightail.

Security is of the upmost importance.

As a financial planner and investment advisor, protecting client information is critical. Many times, firms will use email to send important documents back and forth because they believe their email is secure. Though this may be true, it doesn’t guarantee that the files are protected on an end-to-end basis. As a result I needed an easy way to share confidential documents with clients and know that their information would be secure.

Simplicity is key.

Although security is a top concern, I could not ignore the fact that email is simple.I knew that if I made it difficult for a client to send me what I needed, they probably wouldn’t do it. However, in order for me to provide comprehensive advice to my clients, I needed the ability to review large files in the most efficient way possible.

How does Hightail help Wealth Engineers get the job done?

Keeping the requirements for ease of use and security in mind, I found that the Hightail Uplink feature was the perfect fit for the needs of my clients. I simply send my client a link to my Uplink page and have them drop everything they need to send me right there.  Using Uplink, a client can send me dozens of documents quickly, easily and securely. Most importantly they don’t have to log in.  Asking a client to use yet another system that required a login would be a hindrance for my business.

I also use Hightail to send documents to my clients.  I like the fact that I can schedule the file to expire on a certain date or after a limited number of downloads.  This reduces the risk of a security breach.  I also find it very helpful getting alerts when a client has downloaded a file, as it allows me to follow up with them in a timely manner.

Ultimately, as someone who serves as a fiduciary committed to putting clients first, security has to be a top priority.  For that reason, I feel much more confident having files transmitted by Hightail whenever possible.

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