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Why Douglas Creative integrates social and traditional marketing

Lynette Lim

June 2, 2016

Douglas CreativeDouglas Creative logo wordmark is a social media marketing agency based in Vancouver. We talked with the company’s Principal, Lynette Lim about integrating social media and traditional marketing and why marketers like her have been waiting for a service like Hightail.

Social media is no longer a standalone thing
Though we market ourselves as a social media agency, Douglas Creative also delves into more traditional marketing. Good social media integrates with wider marketing campaigns so they’re becoming less differentiated. I used to work in marketing for years and then starting doing social media. That took off on its own for a while but now the two are merging.

Lynette Lim at Douglas CreativeOur clients are all over the map
We’re based in Vancouver but we work with businesses from anywhere, including print companies, an eyewear line and real estate developers. We do everything from social media strategy and content production to website design and copywriting. Our process typically starts with a big brainstorm with the client to find out what they want to accomplish and then we take it from there.

Feedback used to happen face-to-face or in email
On a recent website design job, we were using an external designer, who had a full-time job and was working for us during her evenings and weekends. This meant that it was hard finding the time to meet and review her work, while the back-and-forth of email was too slow. When I heard an ad about Hightail’s creative collaboration service on the 99% Invisible podcast, I thought it could be useful on this project.

Hightail helps speed up the process
Our designer uploads her new page designs to a Space and I leave comments right on the PDF. She really likes it because I can highlight exactly what needs to be done so my feedback is always clear. Usually when you try that in an email, further clarification is needed like, “did you mean on the second page?” Hightail eliminates that wasted time.

Douglas Creative work in Hightail Spaces

I also use it for social media
We help create social posts for the print company we work with. A lot of what they do is technical and requires specialist knowledge that I just don’t have. So we upload the photos we want to post to a Space and the client uses the commenting feature to provide more detail and context. We go back in and write the final copy for the post, which they then approve.

Hightail is such a needed tool for marketers
There is no other really easy way to provide feedback on the variety of files we use, from photographs and videos to PDFs. All our clients seem to really love it as well. It looks great and works great.

Douglas Creative work in Hightail Spaces

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