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The creative tool that helped this small team work big

Equify LLC, based in Fort Worth, TX, helps businesses with construction equipment financing, commercial insurance and heavy equipment auctions. We recently spoke with Brian Small, Creative Director, who has been with Equify since 2014 about how they’ve onboarded Hightail to streamline their creative process.We needed to work big

Equify is an organization with a small marketing team of three supporting many verticals for the business. There are much larger, established competitors in our field so we needed to prioritize both how we differentiated our messaging and how we operated as a creative team.

First came the story

Since we’re such a small team with a complex message and many products to market, we face a unique challenge. We started to chip away at this by attending a workshop to help develop our story and the messaging around it. During this process we discovered that our best approach was to focus on the fact that through the services we offer, we strengthen businesses. From there we decided to focus many of our creative efforts on promoting one of our most successful and differentiating offerings: live heavy equipment auctions. These events are held almost every month, so we’re frequently collecting collateral, such as equipment photographs, and designing promotions in preparation for each auction.Then, we built a well-oiled creative machine

We start collaborating in Hightail as soon as the wheels start to spin on creative development.

Once we became well versed in our story, we knew that streamlining our creative processes and the applications we use was critical to playing with the “big dogs,” given our size. Prior to onboarding Hightail, we were using a combination of vulnerable file-sharing services, project management tools, collecting feedback via email or printing collateral and walking it over to review in person with colleagues. When we saw the new collaboration features from Hightail, we immediately were drawn, not only to the fact that their file sharing services are IT compliant, but to their image preview, commenting and approval features were exactly what we needed to keep creative projects moving quickly.It also gives our team confidence knowing that the files in Hightail are the latest versions, and are clearly marked as approved for use. Our marketing stack is now simplified down to three core tools to gather project requirements and timelines (Asana), share, collaborate, develop, approve and store creative assets (Hightail), and deliver communications (MailChimp).

Hightail has definitely become a big player in streamlining our creative processes. It’s allowing us to move faster on projects and operate like a bigger team than we actually are.To find out more about Equify, visit and follow the company on Twitter and Facebook.

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