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Seven apps to keep you productive on the weekend

You use a range of apps during the week to work smarter and get more done as efficiently as possible. But what about your weekend? Why should those two much-loved days of R&R not be equally productive? Well, there’s apps for that as well. Here are seven great apps that…

Five tips to focus at work

When was the last time you were reading a draft and your phone buzzed? While writing your last email, were you distracted by an incoming email notification? How many times in the last week did a co-worker interrupt you mid-task? Be honest. Office workers are interrupted (or self-interrupt) every three…

Six ways to make your inbox better

This post was originally posted in the Huffington Post, you can see it here. Email is often seen as an aging rock star struggling for relevance in an age of fresh-faced pop sensations like social networking. Jagger may jive on stage with Taylor Swift but the kids turn to Facebook…

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