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Volunteer Week at Hightail


May 23, 2014

Volunteer work is great forHightail Volunteer Week the community and good for the soul. This past week, we took time out of our busy schedules to give back. We worked with 5 different non-profit organizations and completed a multitude of tasks around the Bay Area. The organizations we worked with included:

Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen

Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen is committed to providing no cost, hot nutritious meals and support services in a dignified, safe and caring environment. Team Hightail helped prepare and serve a nutritious meal to senior citizens and homeless individuals in the community.

Family Supportive Housing

Family Supportive Housing provides a full spectrum of services to hundreds of people, whom overcoming poverty, hunger and homelessness is a daily struggle. Team Hightail split into two groups: one group helped in the kitchen to prepare dinner and other food prep for the rest of the week, and the other group organized the donations that they received.

Guadalupe River Park Conservancy

The Conservancy has already collected hundreds of pounds of debris from the Guadalupe River this season! Team Hightail collected 10 bags of trash, a shopping cart full of tires and a mattress! The river runs from Alviso to the Bay and by keeping the riverbank clean, we keep trash out of the Bay too.


As a RAFT volunteer, everything you do helps to support educators and saves them time and money. Team Hightail sorted and packed construction paper, numbers, letters and art material into packets. They also assembled mini-science projects using recycled items into a math-like bingo game and a space ship science experiment. They cut gauze into 4 x 4 squares to help with another science project for the kids, whereby the the gauze is used to sift strawberry puree and collect DNA.

City Parks Dept of San Jose

Team Hightail helped make Vista Park clean and green with the City Parks Dept of San Jose. The park needed to be weeded and have the new shredded bark spread out in the non-grassy areas.  It was three hours of dusty, dirty hauling and raking, but they made a huge dent in this project for the park.

Check out a few more photos from our Volunteer Week below.

Family Supportve Housing

Guadalupe River 1