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Tool tips with Yana Gektin

Yana Gektin

May 4, 2016

Yana GektinTool tips is a regular series where Hightail employees share their life’s most essential apps, online services and websites. Next up is Senior Software Engineer, Yana Gektin.

Working tool
As an engineer working in a fast paced development environment, optimizing productivity in performing my daily tasks is key. I find that I can save time by creating scripts for the most common processes. Whether it’s a development environment setup procedure, steps to create artifacts for a release, or 20-30 commands I need to execute to start eight different applications and servers on daily basis, I copy the steps into a script and store it on Google Drive where I can edit it on the fly and always have it on hand for the next time I need to repeat the process. Then it’s just a matter of dropping the script into the command shell and watching it do the work.

I use Pandora Radio pretty much every day. I have a station for every occasion and every season and always play something to set the mood for dinner or just while I am cooking or doing housework. My favorite stations are New Age Solo Piano for cooler days and Flamenco Guitar for when the temperatures climb.

General resource
As one of my wellness goals this year, I aim to practice yoga every day. And with my busy work and life schedule, I don’t have time for a full class at a studio daily, so I am always on the look for the new online classes that I can do at home. For that, I find a wellness platform called Grokker a valuable resource. They have hundreds of videos dedicated to fitness, healthy cooking, meditation and, of course, yoga. Perfect for a quick morning flow or a longer weekend one.