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Tool tips with Roger Mendoza

Roger Mendoza

September 10, 2015

Roger MendozaTool tips is a regular series where Hightail employees share their life’s most essential apps, online services and websites. Next up is Customer Support Rep, Roger Mendoza.

Working tools
We use a variety of tools on our team to assist our customers, but I would say one of the main tools I use is Zendesk. Not only do I use it to keep in touch with our customers, I also work on designing the Hightail support website. Our team is constantly working to keep our knowledge base updated with FAQs, trouble-shooting steps and training videos.

I have been DJing for 20 years now, so I am always looking for new tools to help promote my music and events. I recently came across, which allows me to upload my music, track how many people are listening and gives me some really nice promotion tools.

General resources
I finally gave in to the recommendations from friends on joining Pinterest. And to my surprise I am hooked! As a new father-to-be, I have found it an amazing resource to prepare for our new baby. Besides the baby stuff, it has sparked a new interest in cooking and has given me tons of inspiration for my design projects.

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