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Tool tips with Michael Van Camp

Michael Van Camp

June 14, 2016

Michael Van CampTool tips is a regular series where Hightail employees share their life’s most essential apps, online services and websites. Next up is Director of Operations, Michael Van Camp.

Working tool
I spend a lot of time working at the Unix command prompt and iTerm 2 on Mac just makes it so much more pleasant. From its endlessly customizable look and feel to tmux integration, smart selection and auto command execution based on regular expressions in terminal output, iTerm is a tremendously powerful tool. You can use it straight out of the box so to speak with little to no customization or put lots of effort into it. Either way it is a great tool for Unix command line junkies.

MyQ Garage Door Opener from Chamberlain is a god send for me. It is super easy to configure and works well with most major brands of garage door opener. Whether I can’t remember if I left the garage door open, I need to let someone into my home when away or the range on my car’s opener just sucks, this is a great app. Best thing about it? The peace of mind I get being able to check and make sure the garage door is closed when I am not home. Push alerts on open and close are great too.

General resource
Lifehacker is one of my favorite blogs. Packed with great tips on making my life more efficient and easier, I’ve come to appreciate it more and more as I get older…with three small children I have no time to spare, so I need all the help I can get!  From folding clothes better and faster to cleaning tips to personal finance, Lifehacker delivers.