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Tool tips with Carlos Herrera

Carlos Herrera

October 20, 2015

Tool tips is a regular series where Hightail employees share their life’s most essential apps, online services and websites. Next up is Software Architect, Carlos Herrera.

Carlos Herrera tool tipWorking tool
While programming in IntelliJ IDEA, trawling system logs or executing commands in a bash shell, I am most effective using the vi editor or more specifically VIM. I love how efficient I am while navigating or editing text files especially with its support for regular expressions. For Mac, I download and install MacVIM to open any text file in a window. For IntelliJ IDEA, I install IdeaVim. In the bash shell, I execute “set -o vi” to get into vi editing mode. Like many never ending debates, the vi editor is constantly compared to other editors but I came to love it after a professor decided to spend a whole quarter having my class use vi to write our own vi editor from scratch in the C programming language.

As my kids’ daily music teacher, I love using MuseScore to create sheet music for songs whose sheet music is non-existent or just written in a manner that is way too complex for kids. Otherwise, my kids love learning to read and write music with the Music Tutor Sight Read app for Android.

General resource
My all-time favorite source of information is the author of The Mommy Street Journal because she is very intelligent, a great writer, and my wife. I also like to spend my time “reading” using Audible and sharpening the saw with sites like

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