Tool tips with John Heyer

John Heyer

June 23, 2015

Tool tips is a regular series where Hightail employees share their life’s most essential apps, online services and websites. Next up is Network Engineer, John Heyer.

tooltipsphotoWorking tool
I’m always a fan of visual tools, and one of my favorites is Cacti. Many people may be familiar with using MRTG for graphing network traffic but with Cacti, that’s just the beginning. I’ve used it to break down wireless clients in our office by frequency and compare trends over time, which is extremely useful when upgrade planning. Last year, I wrote a Cacti template that graphs temperature on our switches. It felt a bit geeky, but when our landlord changed the cooling schedule, I could see exactly what was happening, thus avoiding having to bring a thermometer to the office at 3AM.

You could say music runs in my family as both my dad and brother have PhDs in music. Being a former employee of both Rhapsody and Pandora, I still regularly use both, however, SoundCloud has dominated my attention in the last year. It’s very plugged in to the social media aspect and is sort of like a Pinterest for music lovers.

General resource
I’m an avid listener of several TWiT shows, and they’re a wonderful resource for anyone working in technology. Whether it’s just to keep abreast of news or deep-dive in to a subject, they have fun netcasts with great hosts and knowledgeable guests. My personal favorite is the weekly security show with Steve Gibson, who is most famous for writing the SpinRite and ShieldsUp utilities back in the 90s.

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