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My 3D approach to building a world class tech team

When I took over as VP of Engineering at Hightail, my goal was to help the company innovate on our existing service. We wanted to create a new and valuable creative collaboration product that would solve genuine problems faced by our users. From an engineering perspective, it was a daunting prospect….

Find what you’re looking for with Hightail’s search bar

Hightail’s move into the world of creative collaboration with Spaces made having a high-performance search feature a major priority. Unlike our traditional file sharing service, Spaces is not focused on simple A to B transfers (though it can be used for this purpose). Instead, it’s all about the less linear back-and-forth…

Farewell IE10, you will not be missed

As of today, Microsoft is no longer supporting older versions of Internet Explorer, including IE10. Today is a good day. At its peak in 2002-03, Internet Explorer has a 95% usage share, meaning that for many people, IE was the internet. But with the launch of Firefox in 2004 and…

Flickr tech talk at Hightail

Tim Miller – Sr. Director, Engineering at Yahoo – visited Hightail’s Campbell office recently to share some insights about how his company’s photo sharing site Flickr handles images and videos. As Hightail faces similar challenges with our new creative collaboration platform, Spaces, it was fascinating to learn about Flickr’s process for real-time…