Last night’s long maintenance period

Ranjith Kumaran

February 26, 2015

Yesterday we performed some important maintenance work, which required temporarily shutting off Hightail’s services. Our initial expectation was that this would take between one and three hours and would affect a limited number of users.

Unfortunately, the maintenance took a lot longer than expected meaning many more users than anticipated were unable to access and share files. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience caused.

The scheduled maintenance was part of a project that is making Hightail a faster and more reliable place to share and store your files. We needed to take down the site in order to migrate data to new servers. The reason for the delay was that certain data took longer than expected to transfer. Our choice was to continue with the outage or lose the problematic data. We chose to prolong the outage instead of irretrievably losing any of our customer’s files.

Understandably, some people were upset that we hadn’t sent a notification email about the outage. As we hadn’t intended the outage to affect many customers, we decided to use social media to inform users as we could better target those most likely to be affected.

Again, we are truly sorry if you needed to use Hightail during this maintenance. Our goal is to help you get things done, not be a blocker. But we also need to think about the long term and the changes we’re currently making will make Hightail a better and more reliable service.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of this, please email us at


  1. still no notification

    4 years ago

    so, apparently you’re still not notifying customers, those of us whose files are now unreachable because we’re getting “unable to access hightail” messages when trying to sync. When will this be fixed?

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