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This week in content marketing: ritual de lo habitual

Colm Larkin

February 3, 2017

It’s hard to know what to make of habits. Some can be good, others are bad. The bad ones die hard. Good habits are hard to form. What is certain is that habits can have a profound effect on your creativity and productivity. We take a look at some recent articles that examine the power of habits.

Creative habits

Facing the weekly mountain of marketing content that needs creating, you need your creativity to always on and in full flow. But as Jeff Bullas notes, creativity takes persistence and effort plus the inspirational effect of some unusual habits.

Check out his list of the 18 habits of extremely creative people. From making time for daydreaming to documenting every idea, this is a great guide to getting your creative juices going. The standout idea is collaboration – working with and getting fresh perspectives from others – something Hightail’s Mike Trigg explored last year in his article, Genius Loves Company.

Bad habits 

Speaking of Mike Trigg, his latest article for Entrepreneur is also on the theme of habits, but here he take a look at the impact of bad habits. Mike believes that your everyday work habits are having a negative effect on productivity and you probably don’t even notice.

Read the full post where Mike explores the psychological power of habits and provides four practical tips to help break out of the bad habit loop. If you want to hear more from Mike, follow him on Twitter.

Perfect habits

In this CMI post, Sujan Patel identifies another bad habit that could be preventing you from being more productive: perfectionism. Yes, that answer you give in interviews when you’re asked about your weaknesses because you think that it’s not really one, may actually be an issue after all.

Patel writes that “perfectionism isn’t healthy” and that your goal shouldn’t be creating “the best content ever” but using content to learn what your audience is interested in. We agree though also think that there are ways to embrace perfectionism without draining your productivity. Besides, who has time for perfection when you need to feed the content beast every day?

That was our week in content marketing. What caught your eye recently? Share your links in the comments below.


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