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This week in content marketing: creative change

Colm Larkin

January 27, 2017

It’s still January so the 2017 predictions keep rolling in. Let’s take one more look at what the next 11 months may hold for marketers.

Creativity will rule

Marketing Daily makes a bold claim for the role of creativity in 2017. Noting that CMOs are becoming primary drivers of revenue and growth, writer Richard Steele believes they should now set the agenda for the entire business.

In this age where powerful analytics and automation are in everyone’s hand, creativity is what will help businesses stand out from the crowd. Now if only we could just unblock that creative bottleneck.


If 2016 taught us anything, it’s that the world can be shaken up and turned upside in all manner of dramatic ways. And don’t assume that the new year will bring a renewed calm. That things will change again is probably the only certainty you can bank on in 2017.

This piece in eConsultancy is a call-to-arms for marketing to embrace change. From preparing your people with opportunities to learn to using technology to transform and update your processes, your marketing team should not end 2017 doing things the same way as it does right now.

Video master

For more specifics on what new skills your team should have gained by the time the ball drops on Times Square once more, check out this excellent Forbes guide to the 7 digital skills marketers need to master.

One of the key areas is video – described as “the future of the field”. Whether it’s short clips for Snapchat or streaming live on Facebook, video is the fastest route to more engagement in 2017.

That was our week in content marketing. What caught your eye recently? Share your links in the comments below.