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Volunteer week

Colm Larkin

April 13, 2015

Last week, everyone at Hightail got out of the office and spent a day volunteering for some local non-profit organizations. Here are some of the highlights of some fun and worthwhile days.

RAFT activity kits assembly
RAFT is a non-profit organization that aims to transform teaching and inspire the joy and discovery of learning through the use of engaging hands-on educational activities. We helped assemble activity kits that would be donated to teachers and schools educating students with developmental learning. Our hard-working team made 640 kits in just three hours.

RAFT welcomes Hightail volunteersHightail volunteers assembling activity kits at RAFT

Hightail volunteers at RAFT

Guadalupe River clean up
The Guadalupe River originates in the Santa Cruz mountains and flows through the Bay Area peninsula before it meets San Francisco Bay. Any trash dumped into the river usually ends up out in the ocean, so the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy is always looking for volunteers to help clean it up. They gave us gloves, plastic garbage bags and trash picker-uppers and sent us to the riverbank where we collected multiple bags worth of trash.Hightail volunteers picking up trash at Guadalupe River

Trash collected from the Guadalupe River

Hightail volunteers at the Guadalupe River

Humane Society Silicon Valley dog petting
The Humane Society Silicon Valley is a non-profit animal shelter that offers new homes for pets, provides affordable services like spaying/neutering and vaccinations and much more. We toured their facility to meet the cats and dogs housed there and were encouraged to spend time with as many dogs as possible to help socialize and comfort them—petting a dog for 20 minutes helps to keep their spirits up. We also featured in a short video about a dog named Reyna, who’s current available for adoption.


Kobe at Humane Society Silicon Valley

Hightail volunteers at Humane Society Silicon Valley

Thanks to the all the organizations for letting us be a part of their great work.

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