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Our top 5 inspiring customers of 2016

Colm Larkin

December 27, 2016

There’s nothing better than getting the opportunity to talk with Hightail customers and share their inspiring stories with the world. Here are five of our favorites from 2016, including a photographer, video producer, audio engineer, multimedia agency and underwear marketer.

1. How Huck is changing the game one photoshoot at a time

Tony Andrew is the founder of Idaho-based photography and video studio, Huck. He talks to us about learning on the job, living in the woods and why Hightail is a game changer for him and his clients (including digital agency Drake Cooper).

2. Unleashing the power of collaboration with Polycom

Polycom logoTim Rose is the Senior Video Production Manager at collaboration communications provider Polycom. Hear about his life as a punk rocker, why he thinks the production process is so important and how Hightail changed the way Polycom gets feedback on videos.

3. Underwear brand Jockey on making life more comfortable

Tom Napper — the Director of Advertising and Integrated Marketing at global clothing brand Jockey — talks about about uniting his multiple internal teams and external partners and why Hightail provides them with a richer content collaboration experience.

d0ea981abbea4032a2f4df575081cd894. McCartney Multimedia’s long and winding road to better collaboration

Ruth McCartney is the founder of digital agency McCartney Multimedia. She tells us about 20 years of web design, having a Beatle for a step-brother and why her un-tech-savvy clients like Hightail.

5. How Chad Wahlbrink gets meticulous feedback on music

Ohio-based audio engineer Chad Wahlbrink talks about working outside mainstream music, designing sound for video and why online collaboration is such a crucial part of his process.

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