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Our top 10 productivity posts of 2016

Colm Larkin

December 20, 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, what better time to look back at some of the most popular blog posts we published this year. From productivity tips and infographics about the creative process to advice on dealing with clients and relationships with agencies, we covered a lot this year.

Here are ten of our favorites.

1. 4 things successful people do in the morning (and one they avoid)

You don’t have to be a morning person to be successful but the evidence suggests that it does help. The morning rituals of some of the world’s most productive people revealed four common habits that will help you.

2. How to handle clients (by a client)

Clients are demanding, deluded, irrational, ignorant, unreasonable, unrealistic and convinced of their primary importance in your schedule. Mike Trigg should know, he is one. Here are his six best practices for keeping him happy.

3. Six tips for dealing with feedback

Collecting feedback is a vital part of the creative process. But not all feedback is created equal. For every insightful observation, some will miss the point or lack context. Our six tips will help you deal with negative comments.

4. 8 tips for beating deadlines

Completing projects on time requires careful planning and clear thinking. These eight tips for beating deadlines can help you prepare for your next project and get it across the finish line on time without pulling too many all-nighters.

5. 6 tips for writing a creative brief 

Whether you’re working with an external agency or internal creative team, a bad brief sets the stage for a tear-your-hair-out frustrating process. Our tips will ensure your next creative brief gets you the campaign your business needs.

6. Creative is complicated (infographic)

Taking a creative idea from concept to completion is never a straightforward journey. This infographic shows just how messy creative collaboration can be and how Hightail simplifies the process.

7. The agency game

Working with a creative agency is like being in a romantic relationship. But all relationships need work. Our series of agency advice columns guides you through the entire process including why you should use an agency and when to break up.

8. Put on a show: 4 tips for presenting your work

Hightail CEO Ranjith Kumaran is fascinated by how people present to clients in the digital age when it’s too easy to send files without thinking about context and experience. He offers four things to consider whenever you present your work.

9. Take your workflow back to school   

With September’s back-to-school fever focusing the minds of even those whose graduation gowns have long been moth food, we rounded up some workflow tips and tricks that you can implement easily and start seeing results right away.

10. Four methods for mastering multitasking

A survey we conducted showed that only 16% of marketers work on a single project at any one time. Multitasking has a bad rep but we’re all doing it, so why not master it with these four techniques.

Those are our best productivity tips from 2016. What did you learn this year? Share your tips below the line.


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