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Tools tips with Brad Wrage

Brad Wrage

February 6, 2015

Tool tips is a new series where Hightail employees share their life’s most essential apps, online services and resources. First up is our dexterous Senior Product Designer, Brad Wrage.

Hightail product designer, Brad WrageWorking tool
As of late I’ve become a huge fan of Bohemian Coding’s Sketch, a vector-based design tool for UI designers. It’s still early in its life, but has changed my workflow tremendously. The combination of art boards, layer settings panels and symbols allows me to work quickly at a bird’s eye view while still giving me the ability to reach pixel perfection.

Oh, and at Hightail we’re currently working on a product called Hightail Spaces that is a really smart way to get feedback and iterate on designs. It has made my life as a designer much easier and I can’t wait to share it with the world.

Outside of work I couldn’t live without Rdio and Instagram. Rdio is always playing in the background. Whether it’s jazz by Dave Brubeck for early morning reading or something to get me focused like M83, there isn’t anything quite so key for all areas of my life.

Dave Brubeck Take Five album cover

Then there’s Instagram. My wife says I’m addicted and I can’t disagree. I follow friends and family all over the world, as well as amazing photographers that showcase some of my favorite things: music, surfing and coffee. Instagram allows me to escape for a quick moment or two and find some rest in an incredible ocean view, which can be therapeutic!

General resource
These days there are so many resources out there to learn and grow in design it’s difficult not to become overwhelmed. Lately I can’t even keep track of the good stuff being shared on Twitter because there is so much flying around. My morning reading is Layervault’s Designer News, which curates all the top stories along with recent links and conversations around design. There’s plenty of gold in there each day so that I don’t feel left out on the key happenings.

Ever wonder what a day of the life of a product designer is like? Brad’s post on Medium is a great blow-by-blow account. For more Brad, check out his website and follow him on Twitter.

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