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Tool tips with Yngve Eriksson

Yngve Eriksson

December 17, 2015

Yngve_ErikssonTool tips is a regular series where Hightail employees share their life’s most essential apps, online services and websites. Next up is Staff DBA, Yngve Eriksson.

Working tool
New Relic is an application performance management tool that allows you to see what codes are running on your website, track performance issues then graph and sort them for easy troubleshooting or for just learning what’s going on in the app. I focus on the Database tab so I can find out which SQL is running the most and causing the biggest performance impact. I can do this over a time range, which is useful for seeing if the site runs better after a new code release compared with performance from the same time last week.

Groovebook is a cool app that allows you to upload 100 pictures per month and for $3, they’ll print them into a booklet and mail it to you. They appeared on TV show, Shark Tank, before the app took off and were later bought by Shutterfly. I tend to take too many photos of my kids and old cars and they just “drown” in the photos folder. Instead of never being able to find the ones I like, I now print one or two booklets of my best pictures so I have a monthly keep-saver.

General resource
PressReader is a international and local newspaper app that reads articles to you. Call me lazy but that’s great for multitasking. Nextdoor is a nice neighborhood social network that lets you know what’s happening in your area, from burglaries and lost cats to garage sales and good tradespeople. I’ve used it to find a local babysitter, discuss schools and activities for my kids and see what my neighbors recommend and dislike.

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