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Tool tips with Liana Tallarico

Liana Tallarico

January 27, 2016

Tool tips is a regular series where Hightail employees share their life’s most essential apps, online services and websites. Next up is Senior Lead Generation Manager, Liana Tallarico.Liana Tallarico

Working tools
Balancing the art and science of marketing can sometimes be tricky. A lot of companies practice the use of hypothesis testing to make a business case for new programs. But where do you turn if you have no historical benchmarks to predict your outcomes? I tend to look at my peers at Hubspot, who have published a wealth of content on marketing best practices in my field through their blog. Any lead generation question I have, they’ve pretty much covered and sourced numbers through their own findings and analyst research.

Snapchat has been my flavor of the month for nearly two years now – it’s not what you may think. I do a lot of walking around San Francisco Liana Tallarico Snapchatand often use Snapchat to capture random street findings that are not quite artistic enough for my Instagram feed but funny enough to give my friends a chuckle and break up their day for a few seconds. Add a few emoticons to the picture or a clever caption and maybe a filter then send it off without caring that it’s not perfect enough for social permanence. It’s a great tool for combining observation with imagination.

General resource
I like to know what’s happening in my neighborhood. Why did that shop close down? What’s happening this week in the area? For this, I turn to Hoodline. I can filter by specific neighborhoods in San Francisco and find out what local businesses are moving in or out, get a little history on local legends, read crime reports, events or city plans and much more.

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