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Tool tips with Kunal Ghosh

Kunal Ghosh

April 19, 2016

Picture_to_ColmTool tips is a regular series where Hightail employees share their life’s most essential apps, online services and websites. Next up is Senior Staff Data Warehouse Engineer, Kunal Ghosh.

Working tool
In my role as Senior Staff Data Warehouse Engineer, I almost always use DbVisualizer for database access. I prefer traditional VI or VI like editors for scripting, but I also use Notepad++ and TextWrangler. Talend is an open source tool that has proved to be effective for data integration.

I am an avid reader and think that Goodreads offers some interesting collections. This is where I’ll look to find my next book to read while I’m traveling. I use Saavn to get a daily doze of Bollywood Music, while YuppTV helps me catch up on Indian shows.

General resource
I am interested in a range of causes from stopping to the ivory trade and saving the bees to helping refugee children and immigration reform. A great place to make your voice heard against injustices like these is Avaaz. I do my little bit by supporting petitions but I really appreciate the supporters, founders and the NGOs behind this effort.