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Like a version

“Versions is probably the most powerful tool in Hightail. I’ve never seen a system like it.” Richard Farr – Founder, Digital Video Experts “Visual versions lets you track the progress of a scene easily.” Martin Pelham – Manager of Media Service, LAIKA “The ability to see all versions in one…

Adding more go to LAIKA’s stop-motion workflow

LAIKA is a stop-motion animation studio that has produced several Oscar-nominated feature films, including Coraline, ParaNorman and The Boxtrolls. After using FTP to share video files during production of the studio’s first two movies, Manager of Media Services, Martin Pelham, decided to find a less complex and more reliable file sharing solution….

How tracking shared files helps these three companies

  Most of the time, it’s simply about hitting the SEND IT button and knowing that your hard work has been delivered on time. As illustrator Ben Sanders so memorably puts it, “Hightail is like the Little Red Caboose, finishing the job after all the huffing and chuffing up the…