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Meet the Hightail Spaces testers

In the months prior to yesterday’s official release of Hightail Spaces, we tested the product with a small group of creative professionals, including filmmakers, designers, publishers and more. Though we had our own ideas about how our product could solve the challenges people faced when engaged in creative collaboration, we wanted…

Introducing Hightail Spaces

Today I am excited to announce the beta release of Hightail Spaces, a new service that aims to solve the problem of creative collaboration. We’ve created a uniquely visual way for designers, photographers, video producers, marketers and other creative professionals to share work and get feedback from clients, managers and...

Tear down this collaboration firewall

Most people had probably never heard of a firewall until the day their company network stopped them from visiting a website. That was back when the web—with its news sites, social networks and games—was seen as the ultimate productivity drain. These days we are genuinely reliant on the internet in…

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