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Seven apps to keep you productive on the weekend


April 11, 2014

You use a range of apps during the week to work smarter and get more done as efficiently as possible. But what about your weekend? Why should those two much-loved days of R&R not be equally productive? Well, there’s apps for that as well. Here are seven great apps that will help you make of the most of your weekend.

1. Nike Training Club – We all know that exercise builds endorphins, which help put a smile on your face. So why not start your weekend off right with a quick workout? Decide the length of your workout from 15 to 45 minutes and whether you want to “get lean”, “get toned”, “get strong”, or “get fit” then Nike Training Club will create a workout just for you. All you need is your body and some empty space to break a sweat. Download on iPhone and Android.


2. Pocket – Have you ever come across an interesting article or blog post during the week but just weren’t able to find the time to read it? Pocket collect all those stories in one place so you can catch up on them during the weekend. Simply add the Pocket plug-in to your browser and hit the icon every time you want to save a story. Then kick back on the weekend and use the Pocket mobile app to read the articles on your tablet or phone. Download on iPhone and Android.


3. Order Ahead – This app takes the idea of take-out one step further by letting you order and pay for food and drinks from your local restaurants and coffee shops. You get an estimated wait time so once you arrive to pick up your food, it will ready, hot and (hopefully) delicious. Download on iPhone and Android.

Oder Ahead app

4. Waze – This is probably one of the best maps out there. It gets you where you want to go quickly and efficiently by calculating the fastest route based on time, distance and traffic. It also has the added bonus of giving you vital, user-generated information like if a highway patrol cop is waiting to catch the next speeder or if there is a big accident ahead that you should avoid. We’d literally be lost with Waze. Download on iPhone and Android.

Waze App

5. Wunderlist – This is the perfect app to use to keep your “to-do” lists in order. Choose due dates, set up reminders and sync them across your devices so you never forget to pick up the dinner groceries or swing by the car dealership for an oil change. Download on iPhone and Android.


6. Kindle – Use this app to keep and read all of your books in one place. Gone are the days where you have to buy a huge bookshelf to keep up your repository of novels. Keep all of your books in your Kindle app and have them with you while you lounge around the house or catch up on some reading at your favorite coffee shop. Download on iPhone and Android.

Kindle App

7. Hightail – OK, it’s a shameless plug but if you must work on your weekends, access, update and share your files when you’re out of the office with our apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Download on iPhone and Android.

Hightail Mobile app home screen

Are there any other apps you swear by on the weekends? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Josh

    5 years ago

    I’m actually downloading a couple of apps even as I type this – some really cool suggestions on here! But, for reals – Kindle? It’s ALL about Nook. ;-)

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